International Students

Are you an EFL speaker? A foreign student? An international traveler interested in writing in correct English? At Smith Proofreading, several of our Proofreading Specialists have years of experience living or traveling abroad, teaching and communicating with 2nd language English speakers. This, in addition to our proofreading credentials, allows us to truly understand the works of foreigners. We are able to interpret, decipher, decode, and completely understand what you want to say, no matter how poorly you think it’s written.

Here at Smith Proofreading, we have several speakers of foreign languages, not limited to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and much more, so please don’t hesitate to contact us in these languages if you feel more comfortable doing so! We really look forward to hearing from you, and would love to field any of your questions ranging from proper English usage, to even questions about North American culture. Contact us today!

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