Our unique service model is perfectly fine tuned to meet the needs of our clients. We carefully check for the following measures when reviewing your document, in order to ensure that your needs are fully met.

Citation Information: Formatting for all commonly used academic citations (MLA/APA/Chicago Style) is available upon request! Please inform us of the style your paper is written in so we can provide you with the best service. Contact one of our proofreading specialists for more information.

Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

These three concepts form the foundation of any language. Without their correct implementation, a document could be considered unprofessional and provide a myriad of challenges for readers. We here at Smith Proofreading understand and know that these are among the most common errors made by writers of English. That’s why we take extra care to thoroughly check each word of your document, ensuring that there are no mistakes, no matter how small. We catch the errors that MS Spellcheck can’t, for example one of the most common grammatical errors: “it’s” vs. “its”. Trust us to take care of it.

Style & Flow

Style refers to how a document comes together, how the words are read off the page, how it flows as a unit. Style can be viewed as the framework which allows a correctly written text to blossom with meaning. We consider your text on every scale, from individual phrases to whole paragraphs. We make various stylistic changes including word choice, phrasing, and word addition or deletion. However we take great care not to alter the underlying meaning of your text. That’s why if there is any unclarity, we will make a “suggestion” and follow up with you directly.



Typesetting, while usually standardized across academic and professional documents, can pose a challenge to the most knowledgeable writers. This refers to the format, layout, segmentation, font, and basic appearance of the document on paper. While not extensively included in our standard proofreading service rate, we will make sure to specifically ask you if you’d like extra help formatting your work.

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