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Academic Integrity

Unsure if using Smith Proofreading is ethical or not?

Please refer to this quote on Academic Integrity and Proofreading, from
“How to get a PhD”, Phillips & Pugh, 1987

Rightly or wrongly, the doctoral regulations do not explicitly preclude
students from engaging the help of a professional editor to work
on their thesis. There is a degree of ambiguity here, but it is clear that
those students who are aware of the existence of professional copyeditors,
know how to contact them and can afford to pay them, have an
advantage over those who are more naive. Students who have never
heard of copyeditors, are unaware of the legitimacy of using their services
and would not, in any case, have the financial means at their
disposal to engage them, are at a disadvantage.
The responsibility of a professional copyeditor is to contribute to the
thesis only in terms of improving writing style, grammar and spelling.
Any other changes – of meaning, for example – would not be a fair use
of their services. But as supervisors are not usually told that an editor
has been working on the student’s thesis there is no control over the
editor’s input.

Looking at this post we can see that academic integrity is an extremely sensitive subject at most Universities. However the basic services provided by Smith Proofreading should not cause problems with academic integrity. Should such problems arise however, we cannot accept any responsibility for any breaches of academic integrity that may occur.

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