Did you ever wonder how our cheap proofreading services could become any more affordable? Take a look at these two discounts we are proud to offer our clients for their constant, loyal support!


For our customers who loved our work and just can’t get enough, we are happy to offer a repeat customer discount program. Please mention the discount in your e-mail!

Here’s how it works:

For all future projects our repeat clients are entitled to one of 3 discounts. In addition, clients may request to hold off on payment until they reach the discount threshold!

Discount 1 – $50 limit

For projects over $50, you will receive a 5% discount! Suitable for application packages, shorter essays, assignments, etc.

Discount 2 – $100 limit

For projects totaling to over $100 you will receive an 8% discount! Suitable for longer research papers, literature reviews, etc.

Discount 3 – $200 limit

For project over $200, you will receive a 12% discount! Suitable for multiple chapter papers, PhD dissertations, Master’s theses, etc.

Simple as that, no questions asked.


Attention all clients! We at Smith Proofreading are now pleased to offer Referral Discounts.

Here’s how it works in a few easy steps:


Refer a friend, co-worker, acquaintance or family member by contacting them and telling them about our services.


Tell your friend/family member/acquaintance to give us your name when contacting us.

Work & Feedback

Receive a ***15% discount*** for a number of jobs based on how many people you successfully referred!

Remember: if you ever have any questions regarding English grammar, punctuation, or just want a quick review of an e-mail or a letter (which we will usually do free of charge) contact us right away!

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